Noah is Born.

December 14, 2006 - Today is a big day in the evolution of the Schmidgall Family. Kim gave birth to little Noah. Here are the vital stats:

Noah Henry Schmidgall
Born Dec 14, 2006 at 12:22pm
20" long

Kim started having her first contractions the night before. She was up by 2:30am with more contractions. They were still a little irregular by the time Ben realized his wife was not in bed anymore at 5am. At 7:30am Ben went to work becuase Kim was still not having regular contractions. By 8:30am she had called the hospital and they told her to come in and see how far she was along because the contractions were now a litte more regular. So at 9:30am Ben and Kim left for Mt. Pleasant. When Kim got there they checked her out and said "Wow, you are ready to have this baby! You are dilated to 8-9 cm".

By then Kim was having lots of contractions and they were pretty strong. She declined offers of medication and then got down to business. By noon Dr. Djonggi Situmeang declared that Kim was fully dilated and it was time to push. So push Kim did and at 12:22pm little baby Noah came sliding out all purple and cone-headed. Dr. Djonggi announced that we had a little baby boy, that he was nice and long and that he had huge hands and feet.

Kim and Noah and even Ben stayed at the hospital 2 nights while the nurses watched and weighed and prodded around to make sure everyone was all right. Then and Saturday morning we all jumped in the car and came home (stopping at Wal-Mart to buy diapers).

Pictures of out little pride and joy can be found here.

  December 14, 2006
  Baby Noah is Born!!
  May 14, 2006
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