The puzzle is finished!

July 30, 2005 - After many hours of eye-straining work, we finally finished the puzzle. It took longer than expected, because we got married which left us with less free time, and Ben did a lot of travelling for work in the last year. But, nonetheless it did get done. You can see the finished puzzle here.

The immediate future for the puzzle is to get glued and mounted to something for display. The long term plans for the puzzle are up in the air. One possibility is to hang it on the ceiling of the living room where it belongs so that everyone that visits the Schmidgall residence can enjoy it. The other possibility is to hang it in some obscure room.

Since the future of the puzzle hangs in the balance, please vote below for your preference on where the puzzle is displayed.

Display Puzzle on Living room ceiling
Hide Puzzle in a back room

Up to the minute Results:

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