is born!

May 8, 2004 - After purchasing an 8000 piece puzzle a long long time ago, Ben starts to think about putting it together when his brother Jeff gets married and moves out of the house.

While discussing the puzzle with a group of guys, the idea of recording the assembly progress of the puzzle with a camera. The idea is tossed around and, naturally, it turns into something larger than originally intended. The final plan involves putting the pictures of the puzzle on a website so that everyone in the world can track the progress of the humongous puzzle (since so many people would actually care about it).

So thanks to for hosting my humble site, the Ben's Puzzle Cam was started. There is a current picture of the puzzle from the upper corner of Jeff's abandonded bedroom, a photo album of people working on the puzzle, a photo history of the progress of the puzzle, and a guestbook for people to praise the awesome spectacle.

The puzzle is now done, but don't worry, the original website is preserved in all its glory. Click here to view the site.

  December 14, 2006
  Baby Noah is Born!!
  May 14, 2006
  Baby Rico is due in December.
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